Old website

My old homepage used by me from 2011 to 2020.

My old webpage contains:

Compressed notes about various mathematical tools

  • Some aspects of Covnex Optimization and Numerical Optimization
  • Deep understanding of various concepts from Statistics and Machine Learning: KL-divergence, Gini index
  • Notes about various mathematical tools including Fourier Transform and Fourier Series
  • Classical things from Linear Algebra and Linear Dynamical systems - SVD, ODEs

Compressed information about several aspects of applying AI for practical tasks

  • Understanding Deep Learning from scratch
  • Considering several tricks for Deep Learning
  • Using popular libraries for Deep Learning
  • Understanding Decision Trees from scratch
  • Considering all stages of applying Machine Learning in industry
  • Different ways try to systematize AI and ML approaches and it’s possibilities


  • Information about my course projects at Stanford
  • My reflections on various problems of Machine Learning

Different notes and posts covered different aspects of engineering:

  • Usage of programming languages Python, Matlab, C++, Perl, R, JAVA
  • Usage of big Software development frameworks like Qt
  • Using specialized software development frameworks like Google TensorFlow
  • Notes about GPU programming
  • Notes about using and development in user-space level for Linux OS and Windows OS

Written on September 25, 2020