Technical Note. From C++98 to C++2x

This technical note is devoted to covering information regarding all primary C++ programming language standards: C++03/98/11/14/17/20/23.

I am glad to share an update about a technical note with some details regarding the C and all primary C++ programming language standards. Recently authors have decided to add (some) information regarding C++2023 into it.

As of April 02, 2024, this technical note in PDF format consists of 118 pages.

The C++ programming language is complex, but currently, it’s the fastest high-level general-purpose programming language in the world.

The information from this technical note can be helpful mainly for three categories of people:

  • People who want to refresh or go deep into several language constructions in C++.
  • Obtain a pretty in-depth overview of new features from C++11/14/17/20/23.
  • People who need to support (legacy) C++03 or C99 code base.

Written on April 2, 2024